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Hello my lovelies!

I would like to share some words in english with you. Mainly because I got so many visits from the United States recently – some days even more than from Germany or Austria, where usually all my readers come from! I don’t really know why since I only write in german, but I’m surprised, so thanks for visiting my blog!

Life has been a little bit busy lately. As you probably know, I started university back in october and now my studies are getting tougher, especially maths! It’s only been one month, but there’s also only one month to go until the first exam! So crazy! Besides I’m still struggling with my old university – they still have to send me my bachelor’s degree certificate, so annoying! And I also applied for some job, I really hope I’ll get it…it’s kind of made for me, haha!

Above you can see some pictures from my phone, at least the most interesting ones. I could share so many food photos with you, haha, but I don’t think it’s that interesting for you. It’s kind of our new hobby – everytime someone eats something nice, we make a picture of it and send it to everyone else via What’s app…so my phone is kind of exploding with food photos. Anyways, as you can see, my life is full of sleeping, learning and some fun, of course!

I would love to hear something from you and tell me if I should write in english more often?! It also would be a good practise for me, since I’m planning on doing an english course in university next semester.

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  1. Ich finde es auch immer noch nach wie vor schwer die "richtige" Sprache zu finden. Ich denke aber der Haupttext auf Deutsch und dann eine kleine englische Übersetzung ist das beste. Aber manchmal habe ich auch nur Lust auf einen deutschen oder rein englischen Text. 😉

    Ich bin selber immer etwas verwundert, wenn ich meine eigene Stimme höre. Sie hört sich teilweise so tief an… 😀

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