fifty shades of grey? // three things I like

No, I’m not going to write about the movie (I haven’t even read the books and I’m not planning on doing so), I just wanted to use that title for my post – it’s kind of a trend right now, isn’t it?

Anyways, instead of getting drunk in a weird costume like everyone else, I’m sitting at home and exploring the internet. Sounds boring, but Carnival is not really my thing. I just don’t get the idea of getting drunk for…being drunk? Especially in the morning! And I don’t like being surrounded by totally intoxicated people. A LOT of intoxicated people. In weird costumes. Or slutty costumes. And I hate the music – that’s definitely the worst part!
So I took a day off, went for very long walkies with the dog, enjoyed some music, checked my emails, got angry about the new Samsung Lollipop update (no silent mode, no music player with lock screen – are you kidding me?!), watched a random Breaking Bad episode (yay!) and Germany’s Next Topmodel (nay!). 
And oh: hello there, anonymous comment writer! Your short story made me really smile!
And this made my smile aswell:

Hot dudes reading – yes! Discovered it on Instagram and then Sandra posted about it today. Also good: less hot dudes, more hot books: Subway Book Review

These pants. I mean…1989? I like having my year of birth written on my pants. Reebok has a whole line with it: Aer – why didn’t I discover it earlier? And I would totally buy everything with an E on it, too.

And finally: these lentil patties. I love lentils. I love patties. I love vegan. I. Want. Them. Right now!

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