Little stories // The christmas party

I remember the christmas party at our lecturer’s home. We ate amazing food and drank way too much alcohol. We both even managed to talk that night – we never really did before, though we knew each other for months. You showed me your tattoo, sat right beside me and told me about your favourite band. You were so enthusiastic about it all.

And when the group decided to go home early in the morning, I linked arms with you and we went home together. I was drunk and you probably too. That night you told me about orange filters in films.

I don’t remember how I got home. I don’t remember how long it took us to get home. But I still remember that. The orange filters. I still can picture all the streets we went through. Still picture all the little moments. This moment.
And so we went home. All together.

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  1. so sweet. Kinda reminds me of a similar experience

    I remember the christmas party at our lecturer's home. There was great food, a lot of alcohol and entertaining company. Like that one girl. I knew her name but not much more. She usually was pretty quiet in class, observing, and blushing when reading her homework. Just like me.

    She asked me to sit next to her, so I did. I became nervous and started rambling about some random stuff, like I tend to do. But she was listening and smiling. Listening and smiling.

    When the group decided to go home early in the morning, she linked arms with me and we walked side by side. It was a long walk, but it didnt feel like that at all. I told her about my observations regarding orange filters in movies – that is just ridiculous.

    When the group started to split, I asked her to maybe see me again sometime. She said 'No'.
    And I thought, I'd never talk to her again.

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