Personal (Challenge 1/30) // Monthly Recap: February and March 2017

Day 2 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Well, it’s not really a part of the challenge, but I really wanted to make a monthly recap for both February and March!

Apartment & Gardening

Let’s start with our apartment. We still didn’t manage to hang up some images, so it looks quite the same. My boyfriend and I seem to have totally different opinions on what a perfect photography looks like, so we always had huge discussions about it and ended up ordering none. But last week we finally managed to order two photographs from our Norway trip!
Next I developed a plant and gardening obsession. I bought several new plants and also planted some: salad, tomatoes, radishes, chillies, paprika and flowers. Besides we also have some bonsai trees from December. I never showed much interest in my parents‘ garden, but planting and gardening is definitely my new favourite obsession and hobby! Every time a seed sprouts I get so excited – it’s the best feeling ever!

Beauty & Shopping

In my last post I was not 100% sure about my new bangs and how to handle them. But now I love them and cannot imagine being without them. I can style them either cute or edgy and make any outfit look more special! Without them my face looks flat and boring, so I don’t regret that decision at all!
Shopping-wise I had absolutely no problems with my No Shopping Challenge. I even went shopping twice with my boyfriend and one of my girlfriends and didn’t even feel a slight urge to buy something. Sometimes I browse through online shops, but it’s more about inspiration than actually shopping. But I’m gonna be honest with you: I still had some new additions to my closet, let’s say two jackets and about 4 simple t-shirts, which I either found in my old closet at my parents home or which my mom sorted out!

Sports & Activities

In my last monthly recap I wrote that I started the Bikini Body Guide, but I didn’t even manage to stick to it for two weeks. I just don’t have the motivation to do something on my own at home. Instead I tried out a new class – body shaping – and I love it since. It’s basically much drilling and cardio, something that I’m not used to (I get sweaty as f**k), but the freaky teacher adds a lot of fun to it. At the end she always does some relaxation-meditation-self-exploration-stuff, which I thought was funny and random the first time, but it actually helps me a lot!

Besides I started doing Power Yoga. The first classed I was like „Nah, that’s nothing exciting“ and now I’m like „Ouch, each of my muscles hurts (even those I didn’t know they existed)!“ What I especially like about the classes is that the instructor is not in the front making the poses herself, but instead she tells us what to do and goes around „fixing“ our poses. I like Yoga a lot and really got interested in the lifestyle behind it – last week I even downloaded „The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga“ by Swami Vishnu-devananda and can’t wait to learn more about it!

How was your February and March?
What are your favourites/new experiences?
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